Why Palm Wax?

We fell in love with palm wax the first time we saw it create beautiful crystalline patterns in candles.

After countless hours of research we discovered it was also the most eco-friendly option available. The beauty of palm wax is that it's pure and natural with no added chemicals, which makes it smokeless. The beautiful, crystallized appearance is a natural occurrence with palm wax and not from any additives. Its clean burn, great scent throw (hot and cold), and crystallizing beauty will give you many hours of enjoyment!

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There has been a concern in the media lately about many tropical crops including palm. This led us to source our palm wax from a member of the RSPO(Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil), assuring the most earth-friendly raw material for our candles. RSPO lays out strict guidelines for the entire supply management of the Palm Oil and one is assured of fair trade practices. This organisation is committed to responsible and sustainable use of natural resources. Our CSPO (Certified Sustainable Palm Oil) is vegan (vegetable fat based), odourless, biodegradable and additive free.

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