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A History of The Glass Candle

In the early 90's candle businesses started popping up everywhere. I was in my glory! Candles burned constantly throughout our home. A candle junkie had been born.

After taking courses from a local candle business, the interest in candle making became even greater. There was no turning back. Our kitchen became candle central. Soon candles and candle making materials took over our home. Family and friends had so many candles they couldn't burn them all. It was suggested we sell them.

In 2008 The Glass Candle was born – a proudly Canadian, locally owned and operated family business. Roy is the logistics man, Sue the chandler and daughters Honey and Misty the gift basket and quality control experts.

Our Mission

The Glass Candle's mission is having our customers experience the Power of Scent, as it is an important ingredient in the recipe for de-stressing, relaxing, meditating and healing the wounded heart. We offer one of the largest fragrance selections in Canada. We will customize your candle to your specifications with your choice of colour, fragrance, size and style.

Do you give your clients gifts? We can also personalize your candles with your logo or whatever you wish.

All of our candles are 100% guaranteed.

If you have a problem with your candle we will rectify it immediately. While you love your candles tell your family and friends. If you have a problem with your candle please tell us!

We take pride in what we create!

With over 20 years experience as seasoned chandlers, we offer unique gifts for all occasions. Home candle parties as well as wedding favours, shower favours, fund raisers, gift baskets, thank you gifts, birthday and Christmas gifts. We also offer after hours candle parties in the store, where we look after everything for you.

It is our pleasure to refill your favourite container. We are proud to support local Artisans by promoting their products in our store – handmade stained glass, artist's paintings, natural soaps, bath balms, etc; as well as vintage and antique pieces.

The Glass Candle is a member of the International Guild of Candle Artisans.



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