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Fragrance Mist

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Using the finest ingredients, our special formula is designed to eliminate unwanted odours.

Our Fragrance Mists offer a wonderful fragrance burst to invigorate your space and add a simple pleasure to your life. Simply mist into the air allowing the fragrance to settle over fabrics and carpets. The results are a delicious aroma that softly lingers in your chosen space.

  • Spritz the room to cleanse the air after a dinner party.
  • Instantly ousts unwanted odours and freshens musty areas.
  • A must for every bathroom.

Choose your fragrance from our fragrance list.

NOTE: Order in any fragrance you wish, however it does NOT work well with Bakery type fragrances. Due to the makeup of the base used, bakery type fragrances are actually masked similarly to how the Fragrance Mist rids the room of foul odours.