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The Glass Candle

Jar Candles, Pillars, Tealights, Spa lights, Votives, Wax Melts, Fragrance Lamps, Fragrance Lamp Fuels and Fragrance Mists in fragrances inspired by nature, memory and imagination.

Handmade with natural palm wax and premium quality materials.

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About Our Products

About Our Candles

Nothing provides a cozy warmth in your home like the soft glow and aroma of a candle. All of our palm wax candles are made by hand with premium quality materials.

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Pile of granular palm wax

Why Palm Wax?

We fell in love with palm wax the first time we saw it create beautiful crystalline patterns in candles. After countless hours of research we discovered it was also the most eco-friendly option available. 

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Collection of candles in different sizes and colors

Colour and Dyes

Candle dye may come in multiple forms, dye chips, blocks, powder and liquid. We use liquid dyes, supplied to us from manufacturers who use natural and organic ingredients. 

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“Absolutely wonderful fragrance that fills your home even in a votive size. And the candle burns right down to nothing, so no waste.”

“The Glass Candle has the best palm wax candles. I really enjoyed your tree scented candles! My favorite one is the black cherry one. I will definitely be calling you back soon.”

“I am burning my fav black licorice and my basement is like a licorice factory your candles are really the best I have ever used even not burning them you smell up the room best candles ever”

“I've purchased your candles for the past 6 years. These are my favourite candles ever. My place smells wonderful right now.”

“I love your candles. My favourite scent is the English Lavender smells so pretty in my living room.”

“Just lovin my new Jack Frost candle. Not only does it look Christmas pretty, it smells AWESOME!!!!”